Aligning Everyday Philanthropists

with the

Causes They Care About

Our Mission

Is to make charitable giving easier, more social, and more compelling for Everyday Philanthropists across the US.

Our Core Values

Philanthropi Charitable integrates five core values that embody charitable giving and guides the development of partner programs and social giving efforts.


Supporting advances in technology that empower individuals to creatively fund and grant from personal accounts to amplify charitable giving.


Building platforms and tools that allow individuals to easily personalize giving and build deeper connections with the causes they care about.


Aligning with like-minded organizations to lead efforts across  the philanthropic landscape to amplify the pace of giving.


Supporting the importance of building a legacy of philanthropy, for family and community


Engaging friends and colleagues to foster a more compassionate
and inclusive community where acts of charity are celebrated.


Delivering grants quickly so they can be put to good use in support of meaningful charitable missions.


in partnership with Philanthropi

Impact Account

A donor-advised fund for the Everyday Philanthropist to support their charitable causes on an easy to use platform.

Hardship Relief Funds

Employer and Community supported funds to help those impacted by a crisis creating an unexpected financial hardship.

An intuitive online application to easily manage charitable contribution and grant activities.

Matching Grant Funds

Our Grant Matching programs allow leaders in the charitable community to multiply individual donor giving with their own charitable efforts.

Provider Partner Platforms

Our engagement with business partners and rewards programs provide an easy way to add round-up dollars and rewards points into Impact Accounts to further multiply charitable giving.

Our Leadership

Sulaiman W. Rahman

Founder and CEO of DiverseForce

Jeri Lynne Johnson

Founder and Artistic Director of the Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra

Wendy L. Prager

Executive Director of one2one USA Foundation

Philanthropi Charitable is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization that manages and administers tax-exempt grants to IRS qualified public charities. In partnership with Philanthropi, an impact fintech company, Philanthropi Charitable can offer innovative solutions that establish funds for individuals and organizations to amplify social giving goals.

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